A housing service to support your employees

We partner with companies, universities and communities to ensure that their members are adequately supported during their housing search and protected from online rental scams.

Outsourced housing solution

House finding service

Online rent security tools and verified landlords

Dublin based offering with local knowledge

Direct agent support for employees

How it works

1. Seemless integration

Simply introduce our service to your organisation’s members and we will do the rest.

Dublinrelo service overviews are shared with relocating or existing employees. Employees can initiate the service from there if they require support.

2. Secure house finding

Our tech enabled security tools and resources are designed to prevent online rent scams and enable relocating employees to find housing.

We only connect renters with verified landlords and can provide a range of additional security tools to protect employees from online property scams.

3. Education and awareness

We provide a wide range of resources and guidance to educate renters regarding Dublin housing, online scams and more.

We provide support to service users.

Partner FAQs

Who does this service cater for?

Dublinrelo works with organisations to provide support and housing services to its employees or community members.

Typically, organisations introduce relocating employees or communities to this service offering and Dublinrelo will do the rest.

Costs depend on the individual organisation’s needs. We would consider this a cost effective service offering.

Contact us at and we can discuss your organisation’s needs and potential costs.

Contact us today to learn more