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Free service connecting verified renters with homeowners, landlords and agents. Simply tell us your target renter profile and we will match you with renters accordingly.

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Verified renters

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Additional support services and benefits


1. Verified renters

We verify all renters who use our service. Verification includes identification, address and proof of work/study status.

We verify so you don’t have to.

2. Renter Screening

We screen renters so you don’t have to. Simply tell us your ideal renter profile and we will do our best to match you with renters on our books.

No property advertisements or endless renter screening required.

3. Additional support

We can assist and support regarding all aspects of the lease and payments process.

Do you need support drafting the lease or licence agreement? Or are you wondering what’s best practice from a house rules, lease or payments perspective?

We’re here to help.

Landlord FAQs

How does Dublinrelo work for landlords?

Landlords contact us to let us know if they have a property/room within their house and wish to find a renter. We’ll have a list of questions to run through regarding the property and target renter profile. From there, it’s over to us.

Does Dublinrelo verify landlords or renters?

Yes, we verify both renters and landlords when signing up for our service.

We have renters who are interested in all property types including houses, apartments, student digs, house sharing etc.

Yes, Dublinrelo is completely free for landlords. Renters pay a fee to use our service.

Not necessarily, we share your property details with our renters however we don’t advertise it publicly on our website or other property platforms.

Yes, we do have a small cohort of renters who are looking for 5 day let arrangements however demand for for this type of arrangement is weak.

We’re open to work with all renters. Our typical renter would be a young professional or student who is moving to Dublin and needs assistance with their housing search.

You can fill in the form below or email us with your details at – we will take it from there.

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